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Youth on our side!

Orchid Country Club

Youth on our side!

GP360 is a new Academy, it is a young and Dynamic team, headed by Justin Han, He is a man that has dedicated himself to improvement and expects nothing less from his team.



Orchid Country Club

Youth on our side!

We work closely with Top Companies to try and offer our Clients only the best.

Ping, Trackman, Capto, K-Vest to name a few.

The best Coaching team with the best support!


Orchid Country Club

Orchid Country Club

Orchid Country Club

OCC is located at Yishun in Singapore.

It is a HUGE facility with quite likely the largest range in Singapore.

Nice Hotel, Gym, Bowling alley, and its own 24 Hour Supermarket.

For us though, the appeal is 27 holes and multiple chipping/putting and bunkers to Coach in....

Can you help my game?

Can I play Golf?

No matter your age, gender or physical limitations... anyone can play Golf!

Do you teach a "method"?

We offer quality Golf Instruction, training is to suit you, there are no pre conceived "you have to do this" Coaching here, we work with what you have and make it more efficient! 

What about Technology?

We have all the equipment, Trackman, K-Vest, Capto, and more, but we don't push it on you, Technology certainly helps, but only if you understand what the data means... 

We explain the data that you need... and only that... 

Our Menu

Junior Program

Beginner or Professional

Beginner Training

One of the junior golfers having a blast

We have one of the best junior Training programs around.

There are still spots available, or if you have your own group approach us for a time.

I have space for 2 Sundays at 10 and 2 at 11 am. 10 am group is a boy and girl, 11 am  is 2 boys.

We start from 3 years old, and the program is structured all the way to Handicap exam.

Regular testing and fun games, on course training and Holiday camps, we have a measurable system to make sure your juniors improve, not only Golf but Life and social skills.

Beginner Training

Beginner or Professional

Beginner Training

Beginner Golf, golf lessons, coaching , sports, Singapore,

Never played or even held a club before, we have a Program that is perfect for you.

11 Hours of coaching to make sure you are confident and capable of stepping on the 1st tee .

All equipment provided, price includes, Range Card, Glove, Range Mat Tee, and more...  Get started the right way the first time!

Beginner or Professional

Beginner or Professional

Don't want to buy a Package?


We pride ourselves on being able to train anyone.

We have absolute beginners, but we also have several Elite Amateurs and Professionals competing for their only source of income.

Whatever your level, but more importantly whatever your Golf Goal and desire, we can set a Training Program to help you achieve them. 

Don't want to buy a Package?

No time for Coaching? Or just too far away?

Don't want to buy a Package?


Some do some don't, 1 session at a time, or 10, the more you buy the lower the hourly rate.

Group Lessons are cheaper, but the Coach/student interaction is also less.. for best results we recommend no more than 4 to a group.

Want a trial lesson before you commit to your Golf Lessons in Singapore sure we can do that!

We have some of the best trained and most patient Golf Coaches in Singapore, so if you want to get it right first time contact us for your Golf Coaching in Singapore queries.

No time for Coaching? Or just too far away?

No time for Coaching? Or just too far away?

No time for Coaching? Or just too far away?


Keep all your statistics, they get sent to me directly.

Send me videos with comment, shot shape and impact information.

You get back detailed analysis and drills, as many times a you want help Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. 

More information in the Blog section.


No time for Coaching? Or just too far away?

No time for Coaching? Or just too far away?

Lesson rates for 2020


Lessons at Golf Performance 360 Golf Academy.


Orchid Country Club has a huge range, at least 120 Bays. The balls are of good quality and fly realistic distances.

There are a few different short game training areas, so chipping, putting and bunker coaching can be done undisturbed.

For a Fact Sheet that will answer all you FAQ's please use Contact form below.

Junior Golf equipment

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2 Sets for the price of one!!!

 At first they seem pricey, until you realise Prodi G junior sets offer the same score-lowering technology as Ping's adult sets, custom-engineered to fit golfers ages 7 to 13 and between 4' 5" and 5' 2". 

With the "Get Golf Growing" Program, buy at least five clubs and you're entitled to a one-time, no-charge service to have the clubs re-shafted or lengthened, re-weighted, and re-gripped as the golfer grows.  

That means you get 2 sets for the price of one,  Custom fitted sets!

For a trial or fitting or both...  please use the contact us form below...

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Any queries please just ask...

Walk in's are welcome..

Feel free to visit during normal business hours, however to avoid disappointment please pre book using link below...

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